Health and Safety

Policy, Procedures and Risk Assessments

In The Footsteps recognises that it has a duty of care for its 'employees' and their customers. To that end, we have written and documented appropriate health & safety procedures.

The first level of this documentation is our: -

  • Health & Safety Policy Statement

The second level of document are our health & safety procedures. These are: -

  • Health & Safety Review Meeting
  • Accident Incident Reporting Procedure
  • Generic Risk Assessments

As part of the Generic Risk Assessments procedure they have carried out a series of generic risk assessments identifying potential hassards and the control measures and/or precautions that should be followed to minimise those risks. These Generic Risk Assessments form the third level of our documentation and these are: -

  • GRA001 - All Tours
  • GRA002 - Small Group Tours
  • GRA003 - Large Group Tours
  • GRA004 - Accommodation
  • GRA005 - Battlefield Tours

To ensure that all 'employees' are able to access the forms required to comply with these procedures and the generic risk assessment they are also published and available electronically. These forms are: -

  • Incident Report Form
  • GRA002A - Vehicle Compliance Form
  • GRA004A - Hotel Accommodation Enquiry Form

We ensure that all of our employees are adequately trained and competent to do their work. Each employee is given a health and safety induction and where appropriate provided with job specific training sufficient to fulfil their role. To ensure that our team of Tour Managers and Battlefield Historians receive an appropriate Health & Safety Induction, we issue each of them with our: -

  • Tour Manager / Battlefield Historian Health & Safety Induction Booklet

All members of the In the footsteps team of Tour Manager / Battlefield Historian Team are considered to be an 'employee' of the company for the period of time that you are delivering tours on our behalf. This is true whether they are a part-time or full-time employee of the company or working for In the footsteps on a sub-contractor basis. In all cases they are expected to read this booklet and comply with its content in order to ensure that they play their part in providing a safer environment for themselves, their fellow employees and our customers.

In the footsteps also has full and appropriate Insurance covering its Tour Operator activities. This includes Employers' Liability Insurance as well as Public/Products Liability and Professional Indemnity cover.

A copy of our -

  • Health & Safety Policy Statement
  • Certificate of Employers' Liability Insurance
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Policies & Procedures

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