David Hammond

Battlefield Historian / Member IGBG

David is a lifelong military history enthusiast, a graduate of the UK's first Advanced Command and Staff Course, holds a master's degree in military studies, and a member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides. He has toured the battlefields of France, Flanders, North West Europe, Italy and Sicily extensively and made the occasional forays further afield to American Civil War sites. In addition to leading numerous Battlefield Tours, David has led several Battlefield Studies/Staff Rides for the British Military to both First World War and Second World War battlefields in Belgium, France, Italy, Sicily, and The Netherlands.

David is a former Commanding Officer of 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery and Staff College (Junior Division) instructor. He lived for almost a decade in a converted watermill in the Normandy bocage where he acquired a local's appreciation of the legacy of the "debarquement" and the liberation of Normandy in 1944. As an airborne Gunner he had the privilege of jumping onto the Ginkel Heath DZ, as part of the annual Battle of Arnhem commemorations and as the Colonel Cadets for Wales, participated in several of the Welsh Government's First World War Commemorations.

David's particular areas of interest and expertise are in the development of artillery and the application of indirect fire, particularly in the Great War. He also has a keen interested in Airborne operations and has a practitioners understanding of how these were undertaken and carried out during the Second World War.

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