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Waterloo Campaign Tour

Your In The Footsteps® tour will visit the most significant sites of the Waterloo Campaign that took place over the period of 16th to 18th June 1815. Our expert guide will recount the events that occurred and tell you some of the true stories behind the events that took place. You will hear about the acts of valour performed by the soldiers that took part and remember the fallen who gave their lives in the fighting. You will sample one of the most important events of the 19th Century, an event that shaped Europe and defined modern civilisation.

Join one of our Expert guides on a tour of the Waterloo Campaign Battlefields, follow the action and see how the battle developed.

Our 3-day / 2-night Flexi Tour

Waterloo Campaign

Day 1: Ligny and Quatre Bras

Your Waterloo Campaign Tour begins as we depart from the hotel reception at 09:00 am to tour the sites associated with the fighting at Ligny and Quatre Bras on 16th June 1815.

We start at the mill at Fleurus where Napoleon set up his headquarters on 16th June 1815. Here we discuss the prelude to the Battle of Ligny before moving to the forward edge of Fleurus overlooking the ground between the French and Prussian Forces to discuss their dispositions and the initial phases of the battle. Dropping down into Saint-Amand we look at the battle that developed to the west of Ligny between General Vandamme's French III Army Corps and General Ziethen's Prussian I Army Corps before continuing into Ligny. In Ligny we stop at La Ferme d'En Haut where we discuss the battle in the centre before visiting the Centre General Gérrad (Battle of Ligny Museum), which was a farm that had served as a hospital after the battle. From the Centre General Gérrad we drive to Bussy Windmill where Field Marshal Blücher set up his headquarters. Here we discuss the finale of the battle, the Prussian withdrawal and Napoleon's lost chance.

From Bussy Windmill we take a break for lunch at one of the restaurants in the area.

In the afternoon we concentrate on the Battle at Quatre Bras. We discuss the events that took place at Quatre Bras on 16th June 1815 when Marshal Ney's French were checked and held by the Prince of Orange's Anglo-Dutch forces. This will include a tour of some of the battlefield sites including: Piraumont Farm, Gemioncourt Farm, the Bois de Bossu, the crossroads and the monument dedicated to the Duke of Brunswick.

From Quatre Bras we head north along the road to Brussels to visit Le Caillou Farmhouse, which was where Napoleon spent the night of 17th June before the main battle. Our visit to Le Caillou concludes our first day on the battlefield and we return to your hotel at approximately 17:30 hrs.

Day 2: La Belle Alliance, Hougoumont and Wellington's Ridge

We depart from the hotel reception at 09:00 am and drive to La Belle Alliance to get Napoleon's view of the battlefield and discuss the dispositions of the two opposing Armies. From La Belle Alliance we drive to the area where Lieutenant General (GdC) Count Honoré Charles Michel Joseph Reille's French II Army Corps was deployed facing the British right and the Chateau at Hougoumont to get the French perspective of the battlefield. We then continue on to the recently restored Hougoumont site where we discuss the defence by the British and the Battle that developed on the British right wing.

From Hougoumont we take a break for lunch at one of the restaurants in the area.

Following lunch we visit the new Visitor's Centre, climb the Lion Mound to get a bird's eye view of the battlefield and see the excellent 360 Panorama before walking the short distance to overlook the battlefield and discuss the advance by the French I Army Corps commanded by Lieutenant General Jean Baptiste Drouet, Count d'Erlon. After discussing the advance and subsequent charge by the British Heavy Cavalry we take a gentle walk to the site of the Mercer Memorial where we discuss the role played by Captain Mercer's Battery during the charge of the French Cavalry. From the Mercer Memorial we head to La Haye Sainte where we discuss the defence by the King's German Legion. This concludes our day touring and we return to your hotel at approximately 17:30 hrs.

Day 3: The Wellington Museum, St Joseph's Church, Plancenoit and the defeat of Old Guard

We depart from the hotel reception at 09:00 am and drive to Waterloo to visit the Wellington Museum and St Joseph's Church. We then head back to the battlefield where we turn our attention to the arrival of the Prussians and the effect that they had on the battle. We discuss their appearance on the battlefield and the desperate fighting that took place, initially between the Prussians and Lieutenant General Lobau's French VI Army Corps and later the Battalions of the French Young Guard, for the control of Plancenoit.

From Plancenoit we take a break for lunch at one of the restaurants in the area.

We then return once more to La Belle Alliance close to the centre of the battlefield and Napoleons vantage point. Here we discuss the advance of the Old Guard against Wellington's British and Napoleon's subsequent flight from the battlefield.

This concludes your Waterloo Campaign Tour and we return you to your hotel for approximately 17:30 hrs where we bid our farewell.

Please note: Itineraries are subject to change due to operational reasons. Any changes will be advised closer to the time of departure.

The cost of your tour

The cost of our Waterloo Campaign Flexi Tour is £850.00 per person.*

This price per person are based upon:

A supplement of £160.00 GBP * applies where single occupancy is required.

A deposit of 30% or £200.00 per person, whichever is the greater, is payable on booking.

An additional supplement may apply for anniversary dates to cover any increase in the associated costs.

Booking indicates your acceptance of our Tour Terms and Conditions.

* The costs may vary from those shown above due to the availability and selection of hotels and other associated costs.

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