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In the footsteps have been arranging tours to the battlefields of the Second World War for over fifteen years. In that time they have led customers of many different nationalities around the battlefields of the Northwest Europe, Italy, North Africa and Russia. Their team of expert guides have a wealth of knowledge about the campaigns and battles of the Second World War and some are published military historians. They have followed in the footsteps of American, British, Canadian, French, Australian, South African, New Zealand and German soldiers exploring their battlefields and telling their stories.

Past Second World War Tours

We have put together a varitey of Second World War Tours including:

D-Day Beaches

D-Day Tour

Market Garden

Operation Market Garden Tour

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge Tour


Dunkirk Tour

The Italian Campaign

The Italian Campaign Tour

US 8th Air Force

US 8th Air Force Tour

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Your money is safe. We are members ot the TTA and all monies paid to us are held in a trust account and cannot be drawn down by us until the tour is over.

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