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Follow in the footsteps of the British XXX Corps fighting their way along Hell's Highway as they try to reach the bridge over the River Rhine at Arnhem. Visit the places where the three Airborne Divisions of the First Allied Airborne Airborne landed to secure the bridges along the route. Discuss the battles of the American Airborne at Eindhoven, Son en Breugel, Best, Grave, Overasselt, Groesbeek and Nijmegen. Walk the battlefields around Arnhem following the route taken by the British 1st Airborne Division.

Join one of our Expert guides on a tour of the Operation MARKET GARDEN battlefields, follow the battle and see how it developed.

On Sunday, 17 September 1944 the Allies launched Operation Market Garden, a daring attempt to seize a crossing over the River Rhine, when the three Airborne Divisions of the First Allied Airborne Army dropped into Holland along the route that was to be taken by the British XX Corps. The Airborne element of the operation was codenamed MARKET and the ground forces part codenamed GARDEN.

The US 101st 'Screaming Eagles' Division dropped towards the southern end of XXX Corps' route intent on seizing the bridge across the Wilhelmina Canal at Son en Breugel, the bridge across the Zuid-Willemswaart Canal at Vehgel and the city of Einhoven. The US 82nd 'All American' Division dropped towards the centre of XXX Corps' route to secure the bridges over the River Maas at Grave and River Waal and city at Nijmagen. The British 1st Airborne Division had the job of seizing the crossing over the River Rhine at Arnhem.

At 14.15 hrs the 300 guns supporting the advance of Lieutenant General Sir Brian Horrocks' XXX Corps opened fire and the tanks of the Irish Guards, the spearhead of the Corps, rolled forward. Seven squadrons of RAF Hawker Typhoons flew overhead and fired their rockets at all the known German positions along the road to Valkenswaard. The leading tanks of the Irish Guards Group broke out of XXX Corps' bridgehead on the Meuse-Escaut canal and crossed into the Netherlands around 15:00 hrs. Shortly after crossing the border they were ambushed by German infantry and anti-tank guns that were dug in on both sides of the main road.

Our 3-days / 2-nights Flexi Tour

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Day 1: The American Airborne and the push up Hell's Highway

We begin the first day of your tour when we collect you from your agreed pick-up point in the local area (e.g. a Rail Station or hotel reception) at 09:00 am.

Our first stop is at Lommel where the Guards Armoured Division, the spearhead of XXX Corps, crossed JOE's Bridge over the Bocholt–Herentals Canal to begin their drive northwards up Hell's Highway. From JOE's Bridge we follow Hell's Highway to Valkenswaard the place where XXX Corps spent the first night.

From Valkenswaard we continue northwards along Hell's Highway to Eindhoven where we begin taking in the key American Airborne sites. This will typically include the bridge at Son-en-Brugel, the bridge at Grave, the Overasselt drop zone, the bridge at Heuman, Klein Amerika, Groesbeek and the bridge at Nijmegen.

The day will end at approximately 17:30 hrs when we drop you off at your hotel.

Day 2: The British Airborne landings and the route into Arnhem

We depart to begin the second day of our tour from your hotel reception at 09:00 am.

Day two sees us following in the footsteps of the British Airborne at their drop zones and landing zones and along their routes into Arnhem. We begin at the drop zone near Heelsum (DZ-X and DZ-Z) where the 1st Parachute Brigade parachuted in on 17th September 1944. From the drop zones we head to Wolfheze and the Psychiatric Insitute before continuing on to the Reijers Camp landing zone (LZ-S) where the 1st Airlanding Brigade landed on 17th September 1944.

From LZ-S we follow in the footsteps of Major Gough's Reconnaissance Squadron as they tried to drive down Route LEOPARD to Arnhem and the brisge. We then return to Wolfheze to head north up Wolfhezerweg to the spot where R Company of the 1st Parachute Battalion came under heavy fire from the woods ahead.

We then continue on up Wolfhezerweg to the junction with Amsterdamesweg where we turn right to the Ginkel Heath drop zone (DZ-Y) where the 4th Parachute Brigade jumped in on 18th September 1944.
From Ginkel Heath we retrace our steps to Wolfheze and on to the south east past the Hotel Wolfhezen that was the headquarters of SS Training Battalion Krafft. We follow this roade down to join Route TIGER close to the spot where General Kussin, the German commander of Arnhem, was killed on 17th September 1944. We then follow Route TIGER to the Koude Herberg Crossroads before heading back along Route TIGER to Heelsum to join Route LION.

We then follow Route LION in to Oosterbeek where we visit the Airborne Museum. The visit to the Airborne Museum bring to an end your second day and we drop you off at your hotel for approximately 17:30 hrs

Day 3: The Oosterbeek Perimeter, Arnhem Bridge and the withdrawal across the Neder-Rijn

We depart to begin the third day of our tour from your hotel reception at 09:00 am.

Day three sees us following in the footsteps of the British Airborne in the Oosterbeek Perimeter and at Arnhem Bridge. This includes visiting Driel to look at the Polish Airborne's actions and the withdrawal across the Neder-Rijn (Lower Rhine).

We begin day three exploring the Oosterbeek Perimeter visiting key locations including: Hartenstein, Ommershof, the White House, the Medical Dressing Station, Tafelberg and Pietersberg, the Concert Hall, Oosterbeek Church, the northern bank of the Lower Rhine and Acacialaan.

From the Oosterbeek Perimeter were head into Arnhem, stopping off at the St Elisabeth's Hospital and house where Major General Roy Urquhart took refuge from the enemy. We then continue on to John Frost Bridge (Arnhem Bridge) to discuss the epic fight for control of the bridge and the actions of Lieutenant Colonel Frost's 2nd Parachute Battalion in the vicinity.

We then head south of the river to Driel where we discuss the actions of Major General Sosabowski's 1st Polish Parachute Brigade. From Driel we move to the southern bank of the Neder-Rijn (Lower Rhine) to discuss the withdrawal from the Oosterbeek Perimeter.

Our following in the footsteps done, we head to the Oosterbeek Airborne Cemetery to pay our respects to the fallen.

This brings your tour to an end and we return you to your pick-up point or other agreed local dropped off location at approximately 17:30 hrs for your onward travel.

Please note: Itineraries are subject to change due to operational reasons. Any changes will be advised closer to the time of departure.

The cost of your tour

The typical cost for a 3-days / 2-nights Operation MARKET GARDEN Flexi Tour is £850.00 GBP * per person.

This price per person are based upon:

A supplement of £150.00 GBP * applies where single occupancy is required.

A deposit of 30% or £200.00 GBP per person, whichever is the greater, is payable on booking.

A supplement may apply for anniversary dates to cover any increase in the associated costs.

Booking indicates your acceptance of our Tour Terms and Conditions

* The costs may vary from those shown above due to the availability and selection of hotels and other associated costs, and variations in the exchange rate.

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