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Battlefield Studies

Battlefield Studies with In The Footsteps

Battlefield Studies

Our battlefield studies are specifically designed to deliver the core function of professional education to military units and formations. They must not be confused with other activity on former battlefields such as commemorations, the maintenance of memorials, or team building exercises as these fall within the scope of our Group Tours.

Battlefield studies are directed by the chain of command as formal training and education. We work closely with the chain of command to deliver a battlefield study that meets defined criteria in order to prepare formations, units and individuals for future operations by enhancing their understanding of current operations and improving their comprehension of conventional operations.

All of our battlefield studies have three distinct phases:

A battlefield study with In The Footsteps links the historical event, preliminary study and terrain to produce battle analysis and facilitates the application of current military doctrine through the prism of military history.

Past Battlefield Studies

Just a few of the Battlefield Studies for which we have provided Subject Matter Experts and support services.

160th Infantry Brigade

160th Infantry Brigade BS


1st Military Working Dogs Regiment

1st Military Working Dogs Regiment BS


1st Battalion the Royal Welsh

1st Royal Welsh BS


Financial Protection

Your money is safe. We are members ot the TTA and all monies paid to us are held in a trust account and cannot be drawn down by us until the tour is over.

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