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Stuart Dempsey

Stuart developed a fascination for military history during a visit to the Gettysburg battlefield at age seven – a place he moved to twelve years later and that has been his home ever since. His “first love” was the American Civil War, an interest that increased as genealogical research revealed the stories of five ancestors who fought in that conflict, three of whom never came home. Stuart is in his eighteenth year serving as a Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide; he has written several articles on various aspects of the campaign and hosted a video series on the Army of the Potomac’s Eleventh Corps (his favorite Civil War topic) on the website

For many years, Stuart has also led tours at several other battlefields and historic sites in both North America and Europe, including Manassas, Antietam, and Richmond (Civil War), the Lake Champlain Valley and Brandywine (American War for Independence) and Berlin, Normandy, the Ardennes/Hürtgen Forest, and Prague (World War Two). His favorite battlefield to study is the Seelow Heights in eastern Germany, and the three conflicts mentioned above are his areas of specialization.

Stuart is an honours graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland, where his studies focused on modern military history. He has lectured at Harrisburg College and a number of historical societies and round tables throughout the USA. He has also served on the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides’ Executive Council and chaired their annual seminars. He is currently working on a book-length manuscript chronicling the experiences of a Union brigade at Gettysburg. Stuart lives a few miles west of Gettysburg with his wife Jean and their dogs.

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Page last updated: 22 April 2022