Fort Douaumont
Follow in the footsteps of heroes on an In The Footsteps® tour of French at the Battle of Verdun.

The Battle of Verdun

Follow in the footsteps of the French Forces as they battle to hold back the German Army onslaught at Verdun in February 1916. Begin with exploring the frontline defences as Colonel Émile Driant's 56th and 59th Chasseurs Reserve Battalions strive to hold the advancing German infantrymen as they roll forwards. Then explore the network of defensive forts including Fort Douamont, the impregnible Fortress. Pay your respects at the many memorials, the Douamont Ossuary and French Cemetery.

On 21st February 1916 the German Army launched a massive attack on French forces in the Verdun sector. During the German assault Colonel Émile Driant's Chasseurs held the line valiantly for two-days buying time for their countrymen further back towards Verdun. They bought time for the Frenchmen in the Verdun Forts to prepare an effective defence, but at what a price.

Verdun film strip

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